Wholesale Colourway Suggestions

Our designs work best with their recommended colourways from the groups above. All designs will come in an assortment of background colours unless specified. If you would like to choose background and border colours please use the ‘background colour’ column working from left to right this goes from light to dark to bright in colour.

The swatches are a representation of the colours we use; our paints are mixed by hand and we aim to match colourways as closely as possible. Please be aware that your screen can misrepresent colours and we have no control over this. To help please click on the design links next to the swatches for a good example of how the colourway looks in use.


colourway swatch background colours design
Earth 7 earth_7 12345678 earth_7 567 Flambyant Pod
Various Animals
Autumn Plum Autumn Plum 123456789 Autumn Plum 45 Bubble

Blues / Browns

colourway swatch background colours design
Aquamarine Aquamarine 123456 aquarmarine 2 Kunda
Sausage Tree
Azure Azure 1234567 Azure 164 Mali
Blue Chilli Blue Chilli 123456789 blue_chilli 9 Flamboyant Pod
Bright Aqua Bright Aqua 123456 Bright Aqua 425 Mali
Chocolate Blue Chocolate Blue 1234567 Chocolate Blue 56 African Circles
Various Animals
Indigo indigo indigo Quills
Tribal Cloth
Moroccan Blue Moroccan Blue 1234567 Moroccan Blue 564 Moroccan
Guinea Fowl
Provence Blue Provence Blue 1234567 Provence Blue 62 Geometric
Boho Teal Boho Teal 123456 Boho Teal 123456 Various Animals
Ladies and Warriors
Indigo Intense Indigo Intense 123 Indigo Intense 123 Tribal Cloth
Vibrant Circles Vibrant Circles 12 Vibrant Circles 12 Vibrant Circles
Peony Lilac Breasted Rollers Peony Lilac Breasted Rollers 12345678 Peony Lilac Breasted Rollers abcde


colourway swatch background colours design
African Plains
charcoal, maroon, chocolate, black and gold
Kalahari 12345 Kalahari 12345 Animal Print
Kalahari Kalahari 12345 Kalahari 43 Kunda
Paprika Paprika 123456789 Paprika 587 Geometric
Ladies & Warriors
Various Animals
Animal Prints Rawhide 1234567 Rawhide 1236 Rawhide
Rich Earth Rich Earth 1234567 Rich Earth 475 Animal Kingdom Giraffe
Sienna Sienna 12345678 Sienna 547 Mali
Clay, sand, terracotta, chocolate, black
Terracotta 12345 Terracotta 12345 Biba
Mushroom Mushroom 1234567 Mushroom 56 Tribal Cloth

Browns / Reds

colourway swatch background colours design
Bushways Bushways 123456789 Bushways 386 Ladies & Warriors
Traditional Block
Various Animals
Guinea Fowl
Burnt Earth Burnt Earth 1234567 Burnt Earth 39 Animal Kingdom Elephant
Animal Kingdom Zebra
Red Chilli red_chilli 123456789 red_chilli 9 Flamboyant
Japan Red Japan Red 123456 Japan Red 154 Moonstone
Moroccan Red Moroccan Red 123456789 Moroccan Red 587 Moroccan
Smoke Feather Smoke feather 1234 Smoke feather 13 Feather
Smoke 7 Smoke_7 12345678 Smoke_7 267 African Circles
Peony Crowned Cranes Peony Crowned Cranes 1234567 Peony Crowned Cranes abcde Birds


colourway swatch background colours design
Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom 12345678 Cherry Blossom 721 Stardust
Hot Pinks Hot Pinks 123456789 Hot Pinks 86 Geometrics
Tutti Fruitti Tutti Fruitti 1234567 Tutti Fruitti 134 Wassu
Pomegranate Pomegranate 1234567 Pomegranate 47 Plume
Boho Pink Boho Pink 123456 Boho Pink 123456 Boho
Peony Carmines Peony Carmines 123456 Peony Carmines abcde Birds

Red / Orange

colourway swatch background colours design
Festive Festive 123456 Festive 145 Christmas Swahili
Christmas Poinsettia
Lamu Coral Lamu Coral 123456789 Lamu Coral 784 Swahili
Massai Massai 123456789 Massai 621 Ladies & Warriors
African Circles
Rajasthan Rajasthan 123456 Rajasthan 36 Raindance
Spices spices 1234 spices 23 Kunda


colourway swatch background colours design
Kid's Brights kids_brights 12345678 kids_brights 783 Animal Block
Noah's Ark
Safari Fun
Zulu Brights zulu brights zulu brights Captain Zulu


colourway swatch background colours design
Clay, black & gold Clays 12345678 Clays 174 Kunda
African Circles