Children From Malimba School


Over the years Tribal Textiles has made a conscious effort to give back to the community which surrounds us. Below is information about the local school we have co-founded, an orphanage we support and a charity set up in memory of one of our Tribal Textiles employees.

the mango tree artisan market

At the entrance to Tribal Textiles you’ll find the Mango Tree Artisan Market – a place where skilled Mfuwe crafters are provided with an all-weather work space and a market place to sell their creations to visitors. All sale proceeds from the market place go directly to each artisan and their families.

With DFID support, we are working with those local artists to create beautiful products and provide sustainable incomes as well as giving them access to local and international wholesale markets.

Thanks to training in 2017 and 2018 in product development and business skills such as merchandising, accounting and pricing, they are on the road to becoming sustainable micro-entrepreneurs. The Mango Tree Artisan Market artisans more than trebled their income in 2018 and 2019 promises to deliver even bigger returns!

The Artisans

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Glass Recycling Range

recycling initiatives

We live in a fantastic natural environment and want to preserve it. With increasing population and no waste management organized locally, we believe it is important to promote recycling within our community.

In 2018, we built a recycling centre and trained local artisans to upcycle excess glass bottles into a beautiful range of products (link to a blog post… to write if not done yet), providing a creative solution for an ongoing waste management problem in the South Luangwa Valley.

In 2019, we are planning further investment to enable us to upcycle aluminium cans and plastics and help the Luangwa Valley manage its waste whilst creating an income stream for local artisans.

We avoid single-use plastic wherever possible and are very proud that plastic bags are no longer used in our shops! We partnered up with the National Milling Corporation to recycle maize bags they donate as shopper bags for their retail outlets and ours. We also banned single-use take away cups and plastic water bottles in our retail outlets. Guests are invited to buy a reusable coffee mug or water bottle instead!

raising funds to protect wildlife

25% of the proceeds of our “Carnivores” range goes to the Zambian Carnivore Program - to support their amazing work researching and protecting carnivores in Zambia - while Birdwatch Zambia is benefiting from our “Birds” range, which celebrates some of the most beautiful birds in South Luangwa National Park.

A donation from sales of our “Animal Block” kids’ range, as well as 10% of profits from our new glass recycling programme, go to Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust to support their Conservation Education programs with local schools.

We also raise funds for Conservation South Luangwa through sales of their ‘elephant friendly’ chilli, lemongrass tea and turmeric grown by local farmers as part of their Human Wildlife Conflict Management Programme. A new collaboration has seen us produce dog collars using Zambian leather and colourful Tribal fabrics with proceeds going to CSL’s K9 Working Dogs for Conservation Programme which aims to cut down the problem of wildlife trafficking.

Elephants in South Luangwa
Children at The Malimba School


Malimba Basic School is a local community school that is part funded by the government, with additional financial help provided by Tribal Textiles and a number of charities, including Make Me Smile and VSIP. The primary school is ranked 2nd in the district and educates over 500 pupils.

Tribal’s contributions range from helping to administrate and supplement teacher’s pay, providing stationery and teaching materials, to enabling the school to take part in local sports and arts festivals and helping with building projects to improve the school’s facilities. Many of our staff’s children attend the school

Kukhala ndi kupunzira pamodzi - Living and Learning Together


Tribal Textiles provides Hanada orphanage with a weekly delivery of eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a sack of maize each month, ensuring that the children have a healthy and balanced diet. From every online purchase a donation is made from the shipping costs to the weekly delivery. .

Children at Hanada Orphanage
Dorica the Chef and Owner

the courtyard cafe 

The leafy Courtyard Café at Tribal Textiles is run by an amazing local woman called Dorica Kamanga. After 11 years working as a chef at local lodges, she opened her own restaurant in the village in 2012. Tribal approached her about starting a Café at our flagship store in 2017 and supplied all the equipment. Two years on with business booming Dorica now employs an additional 2 people to help her run the café. Every week, she feeds groups visiting South Luangwa with G Adventures overland trucks, thanks to a successful partnership she built with their Planeterra foundation.


Inspired the surrounding community to get excited by their schools, recycling and other Tribal initiatives.


Providing education to our team on health and finances as well teaching others our techniques.


Supporting local initiatives such as the school, orphanage and Dorica's restaurant and more!