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Papiko - A new collection Inspired by birds

Papiko - A new collection Inspired by birds - TRIBAL TEXTILES

Where Eco-Friendly Style and Bird Love Collide!

The Papiko Collection

Hey bird lovers and eco-warriors!

Remember when we introduced the Papiko collection back in 2021? It was all about capturing the vibrant hues of South Luangwa's incredible birds—the Lilac Breasted rollers, Malachite kingfishers, Grey-headed kingfishers, Lovebirds, Carmines, and that tricky-to-spot European bee eater.

Guess what? Thanks to your love, it's BACK and soaring higher than ever—with a dash of eco-friendly goodness!



Papiko 2.0: Fresh Feathers, Sustainable Vibes!

Get ready for a colorful reunion with these birds of a feather! We've spruced up the collection with new bird buddies and more sustainable hues. The Lilac Breasted roller remains the star, but now it's joined by some stunning new avian pals to make your world pop—all crafted with an ethical touch.

And here's the coolest part: Every time you snag something from this sustainable collection, you also spread love to BirdWatch Zambia! Why them? Because they're the real deal—Zambia's only BirdLife International Partner!

Papiko Carmine Bee Eater Cushion Cover

Papiko Sunbird Cushion Cover


Your Ethical Wingspan Matters!

Back in 2021, our small collection combined with your ethical purchasing awareness raised $218 for BirdWatch Zambia. Small steps to get to a big impact! Your purchases continue to support BirdWatch Zambia's fantastic work in bird conservation, and habitat protection, and simply getting folks excited about Zambia's awesome birdlife.

Proceeds of those sales are going to BirdWatch Zambia (BWZ), an environmental NGO established in 1969. BWZ is a member of a global environmental and conservation partnership through its membership of BirdLife International. Currently, BWZ is the only BirdLife International Partner in Zambia. The objective of BWZ is to promote the study, conservation, and general interest in birds and their habitats in Zambia.


Papiko - 'Wing' !

The collection name Papiko comes from the local Chinyanja word for 'Wing.'  Inspired by the birds that surround us here in the Luangwa Valley. Taking our favourite vibrant birds and translating them into delicate hand batik designs, in an array of blue, green and teal hues.

These treasures are available in limited numbers. Take a look at the Papiko Collection to bag your favourite bird designs before they fly off the shelves!! Again!!

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