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Reflecting on 2023 • Gratitude & Achievments


Reflecting on 2023

Wow, what a year! We've hit milestones, launched new collections, and even moved our workshop – all thanks to YOU!

We are incredibly grateful to our loyal customers and followers for keeping our little brand going. Thank you for your continued support!

Here's a little look back at some of the things we were up to in 2023 …



Collections for Causes!

We launched a few new home decor collections that supported some amazing causes this year.

One of our top sellers, PAPIKO, a bird-inspired textile collection, not only soared in popularity but also made a meaningful impact by supporting an incredible cause: Bird Watch Zambia. This range came in cushion covers, tote bags, and table linen, it’s a slow process with around 32 different colours that our amazing painter Richard mixes by eye! Therefore we can only release small batches at a time.

Papiko Sunbird Cushion Cover

Papiko Carmine Bee Eater Cushion Cover

We launched a new hand-crafted home decor collection donating to Zambian Carnivore Program, aptly named KULUMA which means "to bite" in the local Chinyanja dialect here in Zambia. Featuring some familiar carnivorous friends in a minimalistic and simple line-drawing style.

Kuluma Wild Dog Cushion Cover

Kuluma Cheetah Cushion Cover

And then there was more! ... One of our long-standing collections got a little bit of an update - MKUPO - Featuring animal print cushions, tableware and more!

We launched ATLAS, a warm coloured collection inspired by Moroccan design across a whole house full of products like throw pillows, and table cloths .

And finally, we also had a cute new AFRICA PRINT TOTE!



Made51 x Tribal Textiles

Remember our awesome collab with Made51 where we made a collection of refugee made home decor? Well, get ready for round two!

This time, we made our journey over to The Maheba refugee settlement on the other side of Zambia in September. Our journey has just begun, and we can't wait to share this new chapter with you in 2024! Stay tuned to our socials for all the exciting updates!

We've got a few pieces left from our last collab with The Mantapala refugees. There’s some Kuba pattern inspired palm woven storage bags and wall hangings still left! Grab yours now to show your support for this incredible project before they're gone!



The Baobab Project!

Our neighbours in the Luangwa Valley may have seen us putting up our very subtle ;) tree! Haha!

We're absolutely thrilled about our vibrant new addition – a recycled baobab sculpture that's jazzing up our little store in South Luangwa.

Crafted by the talented kids supported by the
Art Reach project, this tree is all about recycling! It's made from recycled cans and buckets, spreading the word about recycling right here in our local area.

Planning a trip to South Luangwa? Keep an eye out for our standout landmark – the colourful baobab tree! You won't miss it!


Nest Certified!

We are ethically certified... again!

Back in July Nest came to visit our workshop to check over 100 measures to make sure everything we do ticks the right boxes! And we are happy to say we passed the test!

Now we can yet again proudly stamp “Ethically Handcrafted Home Décor” across our products.

Read more about The Nest Ethical Compliance testing HERE


The Workshop Move!

We're so excited about our new setup, even if it's a tad

chaotic at the moment! No fancy pics yet – trucks aren't exactly social media material, right? But hey, we're eagerly waiting to kickstart our year in this shiny new space... as soon as we get it all organized!


Phew! That's a wrap!

There's so much more we could talk about, as a lot happens over at the Tribal HQ!

But more importantly, we wanted to finish our newsletter with a big thank you to everyone who's swung by our shop in South Luangwa, spread the word about us, made a purchase, or even just hit that like button on our photos.

Your support means the world to our small team.

Thank you and on to 2024 we go! Here's to a vibrant, sustainable, and even more fantastic year!

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