Welcome to the Creative Hub of the South Luangwa Valley

The Beating Heart Of Tribal Textiles

For visitors to South Luangwa, a stop at Tribal Textiles is an event in their safari calendar. It enables you to step back from watching the wild animals of the Luangwa and catch an insight into the community spirit of Mfuwe.

Already from the car park, you can hear the atmosphere bursting with the sound of radio and laughter, which is our distinctive trademark. Alongside our flagship store, the workshop is the culmination of our commitment to an open and transparent production.

Female Artisan Painters Working in Team and Smiling in Tribal Textiles Workshop
Our Artisans Paint Mixers Laughing in the Tribal Textiles Workshop

Guided Production Tours

Guided by one of our artisans, you can walk through the space to experience the Tribal Textiles production process and see our talented team of starchers, painters and sewers performing their skilled work. You can also browse the Mango Tree Artisan Market, where local artisans are at work: weavers, wood carvers, metal workers…

Then you can finish your visit with a tour of our Shop to purchase a truly unique souvenir to take that all-important piece of your Zambian experience home with you. 

Pop along to see the textiles being made and try it yourself on one of our Art Safaris!

Open Monday - Sunday: 7.30 am - 4.30 pm 

WORKSHOP (Free Tours)
Open Monday - Friday: 7 am - 4.30 pm 
Saturday: 7 am - 4.30 pm 
Closed on Sundays

Art Safaris: Take Home a Unique Souvenir

Want to try a Safari with a difference? Come and enjoy Tribal Textiles’ fun and exclusive Art Safari.

Work side by side with our friendly team of artists amidst the buzz of our industrious outdoor workshop. Learn the unique art of hand painting and create your own masterpiece with a selection of rich, vibrant colours.

Groups and families welcome (Weekdays from April to November. Flexible start times - allow 2-3 hours). Please book ahead:

Half day (using pre-drawn stencils): $30 per person I Full day (creating your own design): $50 per person. $2 from each Art Safari is donated to the Malimba School Fund.

Book your art safari through your lodge or contact us directly on Whatsapp: +260 972 246835.

Art Safaris: a chance for Visitors at Tribal Textiles to paint their own cushion cover or art piece
The Cafe and Restaurant at Tribal Textiles is run by local chef Dorica and offers delicious food

A Lovely  Courtyard Cafe and Restaurant

Our showroom is set up around a leafy courtyard where you can relax and enjoy food and drinks at the Café run by an amazing local woman called Dorica Kamanga.

After 11 years working as a chef at local lodges, she opened her own restaurant in the village in 2012. Tribal approached her about starting a Café at our flagship store in 2017 and supplied all the equipment. Two years on with business booming Dorica now employs an additional 2 people to help her run the Café.

Every week, she feeds groups visiting South Luangwa with G Adventures overland trucks, thanks to a successful partnership she built with their Planeterra foundation. 

The Café is open 7 days a week on the same working hours than our shop, from 7.30 am – 4.30 pm.