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Labor Day 2024 • Celebrating Our Team

Labor Day 2024 • Celebrating Our Team - TRIBAL TEXTILES


Celebrating Our Team On Labor Day


Happy Labor Day from Tribal Textiles!

As we commemorate this day of hard work and dedication, we're thrilled to spotlight five exceptional members of our team who have truly shone this year. From creative talent to outstanding leadership, these individuals have not only embodied our company values but have also propelled us forward with their creativity and commitment.


Join us in celebrating their remarkable achievements and the invaluable contributions they've made to our business. Happy Labor Day to our extraordinary team!





Mambwe Ngoma

A dedicated member and a strong leader of the painting department, Mambwe continuously exceeds our expectations by meeting tough targets, communicating well with his team and management, and all with a positive attitude.




Richard Zulu

Richard is a great asset to the sewing team, evident in his recent promotion to Assistant to the Head of Sewing. He has shown a great practical abilities and is highly focused and organised, making him an important member of the workshop.




Benjamin Zulu

For being such a wonderful addition to the shop with his joyful personality, positive attitude, and helping hands. Benjamin continues his commitment to work and always goes the extra mile, asking where help is needed. We miss him in the mixing department, but he is very much appreciated at the shop.




Mailess Zulu

For her hard work, positive attitude, artistic skills, and radiant personality. Mailess provides excellent support in the starching department, making her an invaluable member of the Tribal Textiles creative workshop.




Niven Chilaizya

Niven is a great asset to the glass recycling workshop. He has shown a great ability to learn and has developed new skills, making him an important member of the glass team. His dedication and hard work have contributed significantly to the success of the workshop.




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