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The Critical Work Of Conservation South Luangwa

The Critical Work Of Conservation South Luangwa - TRIBAL TEXTILES

Readers from far and wide it’s time we tell you about the essential and brilliant work of an Mfuwe grown organisation, Conservation South Luangwa. Hold onto your safari hats and pull up your gaters as you are in for a wild and informative ride of stats and journeys.


The Wildlife Frontier: CSL



 At Tribal Textiles one of our missions is serving not only our local community but also the local wildlife and habitats that surround us. With such ethereal beauty it is imperative to pave the way forward in a sustainable manner. Hence, why we work closely with CSL supporting their necessary projects. They alike aim to work alongside the community and conservation partners to shepherd our national parks and its inhabitants. From tiny dung beetles to the wild elephants or children of Mfuwe, CSL strives towards protection for all.





Wildlife Protection


Next up, let's discuss sexy statistics! At CSL a whopping 1,4000,000 hectares of land are surveyed and protected under their capable hands. Since starting in 2003 by founder Rachel McRobb,  their abundantly passionate team of 137 full time employees have dedicated their lives and hearts to South Luangwa’s wildlife and people.
Within their organisation they have 6 main teams. This includes; ground patrol, aerial, K9 , human wildlife coexistence, wildlife rescue and veterinary outreach units.  This multifaceted team works like water, brutally strong and yet fluid to work and adapt to any challenge faced in the wilderness of Zambia’s national parks. Partnered with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) they create an unstoppable force for change on the frontline of community and conservation work.





Let’s Talk Tribal For A Second


Now I bet you're wondering at this stage of the blog, how on earth do Tribal Textiles fit into the CSL narrative? What a great question indeed. Here at Tribal Textiles we support the brilliant works of CSL through both our online and instore shops. From selling lemongrass tea, to chillies, and latterly  turmeric powder we re-invest 25% of the profit back into CSL programmes. These products are in direct collaboration with their Human and Wildlife Conflict Unit who have trained and supported local farmers. Not only this but to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of CSL we partnered to create a dog collar collection where 25% of all proceeds go towards supporting their vital K9 Unit. This allows their furry and feisty friends  to continue protecting wildlife and preventing trafficking. Through their K9 Unit over 14,000 vehicles have been searched and they have run 154 operations and counting. These dogs are some unsung heroes of Luangwa and we think you’ll agree they deserve a couple of chewables. Alongside this, our t-shirts partnered with the organisation Dazzle, who run sustainable tourism in Zambia,  also help to contribute funds to their essential work.




Vast Veterinary Services



Another key aspect of CSL’s work is their vital veterinary services. Under the care of Dr  Mwamba Sichande the incredible team have treated 212 animals in their Mfuwe centre, vaccinated 581 animals against rabies, sterilised 44 domestic cats and dogs and rescued 15 animals!!!! The list of their amazing achievements goes on but we would also love to highlight their mentor scheme programme which is currently housing seven students. Helping create a bold and bright future for Zambia, its residents, wildlife and habitats. Although our national parks are plagued with some ill-intended individuals, I would feel very safe being an animal with the backing of CSL and its wonderful veterinary team.





Caring for Our Community



Last but certainly not least, let's talk about the vital role of CSL in our community. I know by this point you’re already in awe of CSL’s work but it would be a great shame if I was not to highlight some of the statistics produced in their 2023 report. Some exemplar statistics include over 1,500 farmers being supported by migratory measures, a bonkers 496 KILOGRAMS of chillies were produced and 26 Km of protective fences (using solar and odour deterrents) were installed. These figures are truly astounding and I speak for many individuals in Mfuwe, that if we were visiting one of their hosted theatre nights, the staff at CSL would receive a standing ovation.





So to wrap up this blend of sexy science and emotive community work, we cannot under-sell the work of CSL. To continue their fundamental projects we would like to inspire all Tribal Textiles shoppers to consider purchasing a sustainable item of our website. Whether it be a gift, dog collar or consumable goods (found in our Mfuwe shop) we couldn't care less. Please help us support our beloved CSL today by visiting our website:



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