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Behind The Design • The Carved Kuba Pot - TRIBAL TEXTILES

Behind The Design • The Carved Kuba Pot

This journey began in 2021, at the height of Covid, as we went on a bit of an adventure. Not your usual road trip, mind you, but a journey to Mantapala, a refugee settlement on the northern edge of Zambia, near the Congo border. Getting there was a ride in itself – imagine bumpy dirt roads, river ...
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Crafted by Refugees • Made51 Project - TRIBAL TEXTILES

Crafted by Refugees • Made51 Project

We are proud of our thoughtful collection, inspired by the traditional Congolese Kuba pattern, and that we can confidently label this a sustainable collection.


When it came to designing as part of the Made 51 initiative, years of bush living gave us that awareness we needed to help design alongside the artisans of the Congolese refugee settlement. Being based in the middle of the African bush gives you a height

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MADE51 Collaboration - TRIBAL TEXTILES

MADE51 Collaboration

Recognizing the importance of empowering refugee artisans and contributing to their financial se...
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